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Lots of Links to Book Sections on Amazon…Kobo soon!

  • Homepage buttons take you to the Top 100 best selling romance books at Amazon for each category, with color-coded buttons showing related groups of subgenres. For instance, all the gold buttons are Christian romance, and all Historical romance subgenres have mauve buttons.
  • The drop-down Home menu and light blue secondary menu strip at the top of each page also link to button pages for different categories of books, like free (at the moment)…with more to come!
  • Books in blog posts may not all be bestsellers. But to me, more BOOKS is GOOD!
  • Some blog posts will list free or reduced-price books. Note that some books are a bargain only for a short time; books may no longer be free or discounted if you look at an older blog post.
  • The drop-down Blogs Menu takes you to More Mystery, Book Reviews, and Author Interviews.
    • More Mystery Blog is a weekly roundup of other mysteries, suspense, thrillers, and horror I’ve found on the Internet.
    • New, Free, Kindle Unlimited or other blogs have posts about books of that type.
    • Book Review Blog showcases reviews of mysteries, suspense, thrillers, and horror.
    • Author interview Blog features blog-tour-style question-and-answer interviews with mystery authors.
  • If you are an author, contact me via the For Authors page for more details about how to showcase your book.
    • Authors ask me a variety of questions about writing and publishing books online. I answer questions and share information, instructions, and product reviews on the Just For Authors blog…which will be coming soon!
  • If you enjoy free books, you might consider joining Kindle Unlimited. I’ve been a happy customer for over 3 years.
    • With a monthly subscription, over a million books are available to you for no additional cost.
    • You can have up to 10 books in your Kindle Unlimited library at a time, swapping out for new books as you finish the older ones. I keep slots dedicated to different types of books I like…romance, mystery, music, nonfiction. Read as many as you can!
    • You don’t need a Kindle reader to access these titles (though Kindles are awesome); you can download apps for your computer, tablet, or phone. Oh, and the Author does get a slice of the monies spent on Kindle Unlimited subscriptions, so it is a win-win for all concerned.

Full Monetary Disclosure

I am an Amazon affiliate, and many links on this site link directly to Amazon (like the blue words referencing Kindle in a paragraph above and the ads off to the right).I make a few pennies per book at no additional cost to you.Other links, like to Dreamhost and Elegant Themes–the former hosts this site and the latter provided the theme–are also affiliate links of products and services that I recommend. These small earnings help defray the cost of this website and pay me for the time I spend.